Optimize your processes with simple, secure software platform, with HMI/SCADA and more

Easily control, monitor and analyze your processes using the latest industrial automation technologies, empowered by zenon.


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Dynamically Optimize Your Processes with Simple, Secure, HMI/ SCADA Platform

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zenon: Intuitive, Efficient, and Reliable

Used in more than 135,000 installations worldwide, zenon stands out with many key features that will save so much of your project time and cost.

Efficient Engineering

Streamlined Operations

Situational Awareness

Minimal overhead cost

Data Security

Flexible Architecture

Our Success Stories

“By using the Microsoft cloud platform, Azure, and its tailored IoT services, COPA-DATA has zenon in their portfolio as the innovative solution for manufacturers in the industrial automation area.”

“The ABB zenon solution complements our discrete automation offering very well, and together we can provide our customers with solutions that help them improve product quality and productivity, save energy, and add flexibility to their processes.”


Q. What operating systems does zenon require?

  • zenon works with all major Microsoft Windows platforms.
  • zenon only needs the basic operating system to run, no additional add-ons like Java, etc. This architecture makes zenon very reliable, fast and avoids intermediate layers of communication and potential failure.

Q. Do you provide remote access/web server?

Yes, you can access and work on a project through zenon web server. All screens, users, password administration, information, etc., are available online, with the same look and feel and functionality. Any project changes made on zenon Web Server are synchronized with the Runtime, so that your whole team can work on the project from anywhere and stay on the same page.

Q. How long is the zenon trial period?

The trial will not expire, however for each use it has a time limit with no license. COPA-DATA can provide demo licenses allowing for 30 days’ continuous use. Just contact us at sales.us@copadata.com or +1(609)385-0830 and we’ll get you the demo license!

Streamline Your Industrial Automation Process with zenon


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© Ing. Punzenberger COPA-DATA GmbH

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